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When to use electrical box mounts and how to mount them - Installation Guide

Our electrical box mounts are used to give easy access to your connections, hide them inside the junction box, and allow you to drill a smaller hole in your wall. If you want to run conduit they are necessary to run conduit straight to the camera.

install it like a pro series

Electrical box mounts are recommended whenever you are installing a camera outdoors or when running cable through a wall isn't possible. Electrical mounting boxes protect the cable and connector as well as allow for the use of conduit (such as Liquidtight Plastic Tubing, Flexible Metal Conduit, or Electric Metal Tubing) to protect the cable run back to the NVR.

Step 1:

Place the supplied drill template on the surface

apply drill template

Step 2:

drill holes

Drill the mounting points as well as a hole to run the cable through the wall if needed. Make sure to use the appropriate drill bit for the surface you are mounting to.

Step 3:

Next mount the electrical box, be sure to use the proper fastener for your application.

mount electrical box

Step 4:

connect camera connect EMT connect liquidtight tubing connect FMC

You can now run the cable to the electrical mount box install the weatherproof connector and terminate the end. Electrical mounting boxes are great for connecting Liquidtight Plastic Tubing, Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC), or Electric Metal Tubing (EMT). If you are connecting one of these to the box, run the cable through the conduit before terminating the end.

Step 5:

Connect the cameras lead to your cable drop.

connect camera

Step 6:

mount camera to electrical box

Mount the camera to the electrical mounting box and position the camera.

Finished Installation:

That's it. You've just installed a electrical box mount.

finished installation