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How to Wire our 24 Volt IP PTZ Camera (Spotlight)

The Spotlight PTZ cameras uses 24 volt power rather than POE because it requires more power than is capable of Power-Over-Ethernet for its natural white light spotlight. The Laser can also be powered via 24 volt power or POE; there is no difference in performance based on who it is powered.

Our Sharpshooter Bullet camera also requires 24 volt power because of its long range infrared lights, but its guide is slight different. Please make sure you are following the correct guide.

Step 1:

Identify the power (red) and ground (black) wires.

identify power red and ground black

Step 2:

inside the power cord of the IP camera

This is how the power connection on the camera will look - there's a place to insert the bare wire and a tightening screw to keep it in place.

Step 3:

Next grab your 24 volt power supply, it should look like this.

24 volt power supply

Step 4:

white is power, black is ground

On the power supply, the white wire is power and the black wire is ground, as is standard with US regulations.

Step 5:

Connect the red and white wires (power) and the black and black wires (ground).

combine red to white and black to black

Step 6:


Tighten the screws to keep the wires in place and you are done.