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How to Install a Bullet Camera on a Wall

In this guide we will be installing The Wasp Pro 3.0 - a 75 degree angle of view bullet camera on a wall.

Step 1: Tape the Drill Template on the Wall

Step 2: Drill the 3 Screw Holes

Step 3: Cut a Snug Hole for the Cabling

Your hole should be about this big:

Step 4: Push the cabling through the Hole

Step 5: Hammer in the Screw Anchors

You can leave the Drill Template on the wall or peel it off

Step 6: Connect the Cat5 Cable to the Camera

Step 7: Push the Cable into the Wall

Step 8: Line up the Camera's Screw Holes with the Screw Holes You Drilled Into the Wall

Step 9: Unscrew the Camera from the Base

Step 10: Install the Screws

Step 11: Twist Camera back onto the Base

Step 12: Aim the Camera where You Want

Step 13: Plug the Camera into your NVR

Step 14: Test your Camera Feed on the NVR

Congratulations, You've Successfully Installed a Bullet Camera on a Wall