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How Many Security Cameras do I Need?

When you first start to research security camera systems, you may be unsure of how MANY cameras you actually need. This page can help!

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We'd be happy to help you sort this out.

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You may also want to check out these Floor Plan Layout samples.

Ask Yourself These 3 Simple Things:

1. What are the most important areas I would like to cover?

Important areas can be defined as where you keep anything that is of value to you. If an item were to be taken, you would want this capture in footage.

Some examples that are typically important to home owners are:

Front/back doors or windows that can be broken into.

Also garage, tool shed, and pool areas.

For a business, you usually want to cover areas where:

Where money, inventory, or employees personal items are stored.

Where customer or employee interactions take place.

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2. What areas of the location can I omit (not cover)?

Some areas where your security camera system will be located simply do not need to covered.

In a home, most do not worry about the sides with no way of getting into the house. Also, many indoor areas of a home are private and can also be omitted.

A business will vary depending on the owner or regulations they are given. As long as you have covered the areas in Question #1, additions or omissions would be your decision.

places where people usually do not put cameras

3. Will you be expanding or making additions in the future?

This question does not apply to everyone, but is something to consider when selecting a security camera system. If there is a potential to make additions to your home or business, it would be helpful to count these cameras in your total quantity, even if you plan on purchasing them later. This way, we can be sure you have the proper size recorder to support each camera needed.

Some examples additions for home owners are:

Adding on the square footage, adding a new garage or shed

Also garage, tool shed, and pool areas.

A business can also expand in square footage:

A warehouse may add bays which restrict the views of cameras require more viewing angles

Or a restaurant may add a bar

Or an additional building next door could be purchased or built.

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Need some inspiration?

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